About AWRC

Who We Are

Our aim is to support members at all stages of their careers and to facilitate conversations between them. We celebrate the disciplinary diversity of the Cluster, which includes students and experts in ancient history, archaeology, ancient scripts and languages, art history, archaeological science, and ancient philosophy. We support our members by providing research grants and other prizes, and by organising numerous events throughout the year. We also sponsor a fully-funded graduate scholarship for a DPhil in an area of Ancient World Studies.

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The current director is Martin Goodman, and the steering group is made up of Christoph Bachhuber, Peter Barber, Jim Benson, Jacob Dahl, Courtney Nimura, Paul Roberts, Rick Schulting, and Yuhan Vevaina

To join the cluster or for any other queries, please email the cluster administrator Christoph Bachhuber at ancient.world@wolfson.ox.ac.uk.

We are grateful to Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Augustus Foundation, and all those whose generosity has supported the AWRC since its establishment